All players must complete a Covid-19 Self-Assesment form prior to play on the day of training or play as part of our club’s comittment to safety during the Stage D Rugby Restart Programme. Additional details can be requested by email from our Recruitment Officer.

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Terms and Conditions of FREE Training offer.

The Terms and Conditions for non-members receiving up to four weeks of “Free” training sessions with the Manchester Village Spartans RUFC (the “Club”) are as follows:

Manchester Village Spartans RUFC offers members of the public, the opportunity to train (without paying membership fees) for a maximum period of four weeks within the first calendar month from the date of the player’s first training attendance with certain restrictions and the following conditions:

Players must be 18yrs of age or over.

The free training covers up to a maximum of 8 individual training sessions comprising O2 Touch Rugby Training and/or Union Rugby Training. 

A new player may only attend training sessions or other games or events if they meet particular health and safety criteria available upon request.

The free trial period offer is not available to players who have previously been paying or playing members of the club, including players who have previously held a direct debit mandate as a player or supporter.

The Free trial period may be withdrawn at any time and the club reserve the right to refuse any player, subscribed or not, to play for the Spartans or attend training sessions – for example, due to current Covid-19 precautions.

The decision of the club’s Directors is final and no discussion or negotiation will be entered into.

The four weeks of Free training is a limited offer that ends November 1st 2020 and is subject to availability. It is likely to be available again in January 2021 during the mid-winter recruitment period.

Please note, a player is responsible for their own travel and other expenses including kit, refreshments and insurance.  

More details about some typical costs a player can expect to incur by playing rugby can be found here or by asking our recruitment officer here.  

We strongly recommend that anyone playing rugby should purchase their own insurance to cover them in the event of an accident as club insurance is unlikely to cover you in the event of an accident, prior to subscribing.

Useful advice about insurance can be found here

If you have any pre-existing health conditions that you worry may put yourself or others at risk by participating in training, we request that you inform our Club Medical Officer by email here (in confidence) prior to your first training session.  He will be happy to provide advice and look to take actions that could improve your personal safety during play.


Club Photography Policy

Please note, the club can (and does regularly) photograph and video training, social, match and other events for use in promotional communications across social media and other medias – both internally to members of the club and externally to stakeholders, Sponsors, Customers and in print within club advertising or promotional materials. Please note that by ticking this box, you agree to the use of your image, voice, likeness or otherwise for these purposes, without renumeration, in perpetuity. If you notify us that you would prefer not to feature within these materials we will do everything we can to ensure we respect that request – However, we cannot guarantee that your image or likeness will not appear within imagery or footage taken at public events such as training sessions, social functions, matches or otherwise. If you do not wish to be featured please ensure you do not allow yourself to be photographed in such pre-arranged activities such as Team Photos for example and do inform the club photographer of your wishes if necessary.


Covid-19 Self-Assesment / Rugy Restart Policy

The Club is strictly following guidance from England Rugby (The RFU) regarding the permitted restart of rugby training and play currently at Stage D of the programme.  Failure to honestly complete a Self-Assesment form online (for logged in players and trial players) will result in the player not being permitted to attend the session.   Strict rules regarding play and contact, group sizes and hygiene practices must also be respected in order to play.  Further details are available from our Covid-19 Support Team at