Our Vision




To create a safe, positive and inclusive club environment where ‘rugby’ (both Rugby Union and Inclusive Touch Rugby) can be played and enjoyed, on and off the pitch, by everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or rugby ability.


To promote and develop the game of ‘rugby’ (both rugby Union and touch rugby) within Manchester’s gay and the local Sale communities in order to encourage engagement with the game and enjoyment at all levels. To provide participation opportunities and a high quality rugby experience for our members, their families, supporters and sponsors.


  1. To increase our playing membership through continually promoting what the club can offer a member in terms of rugby participation, enjoyment, friendships and socialising.
  2. To provide a high quality coaching environment where the best coaching practices are adopted, players are challenged in practice sessions and continuous improvement is promoted.
  3. To look after our players welfare while engaged in club activities.
  4. To improve and develop our playing, practice and changing facilities in conjunction with the Sale Sports Club redevelopment project.
  5. To manage and administer the club with regard to due diligence, transparency and accountability to the membership and RFU.


The Club adopts the core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship that make the game special for those who enjoy the environment. The core values help define the game of rugby and how the Village Spartans members, coaches and supporters behave.

More Than Rugby

If you’re interested in playing rugby for the Spartans, whatever your current ability or experience we have a place for you to play rugby, then contact our recruitment volunteers via join@villagespartans.co.uk