Spartans provide guest blog for Sport England’s Pride Month Campaign

In the last few days of Gareth Longley’s, tenure as Chair of Manchester Village Spartans, he wrote a guest article for Sport England on the positive impact that promoting diversity and inclusivity within rugby union, and all sport, can have both on and off the field.

Fostering Unity Beyond the Rugby Pitch

In the world of rugby, the Manchester Village Spartans RUFC has emerged as a shining example of inclusivity and diversity. The club has fostered an open and accepting culture, making it a safe haven for players from all walks of life. Gareth’s guest blog post on Sport England’s website showcased the Spartans’ dedication to embracing diversity on and off the field.

A Safe Haven of Acceptance and Empowerment

Beyond the tackles and scrums, the club has become a tight-knit community where unity and acceptance are embraced. Every player finds a safe space to be their authentic selves. Gareth’s leadership nurtures an environment where judgment and discrimination hold no place, empowering players to shine both on and off the field.

At the heart of Manchester Village Spartans RUFC lies a set of shared values that transcend the game itself. Unity in diversity shapes the club’s ethos, enriching the fabric of their community. Players forge bonds that extend far beyond the game, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Embracing the Conversation with Sport England

The club is pleased that Sport England has embraced the conversation and provided a means for discussing and promoting greater inclusivity and diversity within rugby and sport.

The Benefits of Inclusivity: Empowering Players On and Off the Field

Our guest slot certainly provided a valuable insight into the benefits of an inclusive approach. Within the team, the embrace of diversity led to a harmonious camaraderie, propelling the Spartans to success. Beyond rugby, the positive impact of inclusivity allowed individuals to thrive in various aspects of life.

A Brighter Future?

Spartans remain a testament to the transformative power of embracing diversity and inclusion. Their commitment to fostering unity in diversity creates an environment where every player feels valued, respected, and empowered.

As Gareth completes his tenure as Chairman, the new committee look forward to building on both the club’s and Gareth’s legacy and remain focused on continuing to celebrate diversity, and being a powerful platform for positive change in rugby, encouraging other clubs to do salong the way towards inclusion.

Read Gareth’s blog on the Sport England website HERE


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