Statement of support for Village Manchester FC

Manchester Village Spartans RUFC would like to express our solidarity with Village Manchester Football Club after multiple incidents of homophobia and discrimination were aimed at their players.

In the current climate where hate incidents of all types are on the rise decisive action is needed. We support and fully endorse their campaign calling upon the Football Association to tackle homophobia in particular and all discrimination in football. Incidents of homophobia and all hate speech on and off the pitch must be stamped out.

As a fellow gay and inclusive sports club, with a proud history of challenging discrimination in rugby we pay tribute to the pioneering work that VMFC have done in football over the past 24 years and we pledge our support to their continuing efforts.

All LGBTQ people must be able to lead a full and fulfilling life which includes participation in sport whilst being open and honest about who they are. Inclusive clubs across many sports and across the country provide this opportunity to thousands. Their work must be supported and encouraged by their governing bodies.

Follow their hashtag #dontdoFA

If you ever experience homophobia on the pitch, report it.

#MoreThanRugby #SportForAll #NoHate


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