Give O2 Touch or Union Rugby a try.

We’re an RFU-Accredited Rugby Club and were one of the world’s first Gay and Inclusive Rugby Clubs having been established back in 1999.

This January we’re welcoming any new players – whether you’re an experienced club near-pro or total novice and anything in between – to give our club a try at one of our January Welcome Training Sessions.

Join us on Monday 13th January at Wright Robinson College at 7pm (Location and meeting point here) if you’d like to give our Mixed-Gender O2 Touch Sessions a go.

Join us on Wednesday 15th January at Manchester Enterprise Academy at 7.50pm (Location and meeting point here) if you’d like to give our Mens Rugby Union a go.

Please check out all the info for new starters under the menu ‘Club Info’ or by clicking here.

If you’d like to come along, please email to let our volunteers know, so they can ensure you’re met and welcomed to everyone.

We ask all people trying our club to fill in the form here before playing for the first time.



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