Club Statement about Trans* Exclusion

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The Spartans fully support the statement issued by IGR International Gay Rugby in response to the alarming policy decision that was announced by World Rugby last night regarding the exclusion of Transgender Players.

We stand in solidarity with our Trans* and gender diverse players at this difficult time.

As Spartans, we are proud of our history of being an inclusive place for many players to experience rugby. We will continue to do what we can to fight against prejudice and we will never stop working to make rugby an inviting game for all.This is a game played by people of all shapes and sizes.

In this decision, the world governing body has signalled that this is not a game for all. We oppose this in the strongest possible terms.

We will also continue to work with our friends throughout Rugby including those at England Rugby and our Trans* and gender diverse team mates and supporters to challenge this decision.


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