2012 AGM

2012 Annual General Meeting


Ste Farmiloe, Ben Short, Wayne Eastman, Brett Dawson, David Fox, Ste Sharpe, Neil Mason, Karl Bee, Iain Shiels, Richard Harrop, Martin Owens, Stan Sandland, Drew Hastie, Matt Whiteley, Gareth Longley, Brad Allen, Martin Halsall, James Hand, Nathan Moran, Ste McQuen, Dean Bee, Bing Kuan. 


Ste summarised the year by explaining that the season was about continuing to build a stable platform upon which the club can continue to progress and develop.  The key to this has been through recruitment which has clearly been a strong point for the 2011/12 season.  

Bingham Cup has also been a key event this year which has further built upon the club’s reputation and has added so much to the club generally.

Financially the club is in a stable position. 

Captain’s Report

Matt commented that the increase in numbers is positive and in turn attendance at training has also significantly improved.  However there have been a number of injuries throughout the year, particularly in the middle part creeping into the end of the season.  Matt commented that there were a small number of players who’s attendance at training, particularly in the build up to Bingham had let them down. 

It was considered that the club performed well as a whole at Bingham Cup and we alis achieved a decent result. 

Matt felt there was a lot of promise for the future with a lot of enthusiasm on the field.

Bingham Cup 2012

The competition ran well with no major complaints about the event itself.  The club’s profile has been positively increased generally and within the RFU.  This increased profile stands us in good stead with regards to sponsorship and liaison generally. 

Union Cup 2013

This item was put to the meeting to gauge a view about the 2013 season.  Some players had said outside of the meeting that they would like a fund tour given the yearly competitions since 2008.  However, newer members of the club relished the idea of attending the Union Cup in Bristol next year.  The decision would be to run both tours with options available for discussion by those who will be organising. 

Bingham Cup 2014 

Agreed that a squad will attend 2014 which is likely to be Sydney.  This will feature heavily in the committee planning for the forthcoming years as a major fundraising venture will be required. 


Martin will be looking at the coaching arrangements across the board.  This will be an agenda item at the First Committee meeting. 

Proposal for new positions

2nd XV Captain – approved. 

Head Coach – approved 

Non contested and therefore new committee members for 2012/13 season: 

President – Alex Smith 

Vice Chair – James Hand

Hon. Sec – Ben Short

1st XV Captain – Dean Bee 

2nd XV Captain – David Fox

Treasurer – Brett Dawson

Membership – Ste McQuen 

PR – Gareth Longley 

Recruitment – Andy Smith and Matt Ince

Social – Richard Harrop and Rob Cox 

Fixtures – Terence Law 

Head Coach – Martin Halsall 

Contested results following representations: 

Chairman – Matt Whiteley 

Vice-Captain – Karl Bee

Fundraising – Steven Sharpe 

Articles and Constitution 

The Articles give the overview of the club.  It is proposed that the Constitution will be re-looked at to provide a more thorough day to day running the club position.  There will also need to be a number of policy’s drafted.  Ben explained that he had done some a couple of years ago when we were looking at accreditation through the RFU so these may be with the previous Chair. 

Pride – To be agenda item at committee 

Date of Next Committee meeting – 1st August 9pm. 


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