9 Christian Davis

Christian Davis
Year Joined Spartans
Most Improved Player 2017
1st Game
Birmingham Bulls - Home
Favourite Team
Sale Sharks
Best thing about Spartans
The confidence you gain and the team mates who become your family!
Benefit of being a Spartan
Joining the Spartans was the best decision I’ve ever made. Before I was shy, lacked confidence, and was worried about wanting to play rugby as a gay man. Since joining the Spartans my whole life has changed. When I joined I was living in Yorkshire would travel over every Wednesday for training and again on Saturdays for matches. I made some great friends who would let me crash on their sofa if there was a Saturday night social. One year later I decided to make the jump across the Penines to Manchester where I have now lived for the past 5 years. The confidence I gained helped me both in my social life by asking (my now fiancé) on a date, and in my professional life where I have gained several promotions because of my ability to confidently do public speaking and lead a team of staff - all thanks to the training and skills learnt from the Spartans! I am now the Vice Team Captain for the 2s and scrum half - which if you know anything about scrum halfs - they don’t like to be quiet for long! The Spartans has also motivated me with my fitness and I am now a keen gym goer. Finally the friends you make in the Spartans become your family and I don’t know what I’d do without them. I met my two best friends in the team who are now my Groomsmen and Best-man at my up coming wedding!
Just do it!
Current Team
Spartans 2nd XV
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