If you’re a member of the club (player, supporter, volunteer) please take the two minutes to do this – it’s massively helpful for running the club.

Carefully enter your email address especially as this will be the primary method used to register you onto our website so you can access restricted pages such as the Covid-19 Test and Trace Self-Assesment Form and AGM notes.

 If you don’t receive a login shortly after you’ve filled this form in please message Yosh Tazaki on Facebook or by email at

After you’ve filled the form in you’ll instructions to login to the website where you’ll then need to change your password and login again.

Hey, whilst you’re here…… the next quick form isn’t required to manage your membership but if you haven’t already, we’d love as many players and members to provide this info so we can create more profiles on our website and our social media to encourage others to join the club / play Inclusive Rugby Union / Touch Rugby with us.