If I recall the first thing I ever said to rob was “that’s hot” when he told me how tall he was. We instantly hit it off and became good friends within a short space of time. The first night out was an absolute blast upstairs in bar pop dancing to 80’s power ballads. it was so hot everyone had their shirts off and I remember grabbing his and running off with it which was a swift introduction for him to my mischievous side.

The inevitable morning apologies and Randomly bumping into him at Portland street traffic lights as he was walking to ‘the lass’ to meet some friends cemented our friendship.

We had lengthy discussions about his feelings and how he was finding himself and what he wanted to do with his life.

His belated birthday party at Charlie’s was one of my fondest memories as he felt more comfortable with us he really did share everything, literally everything! The night itself inevitably ended in Thompson arms with me and Ryan pretending we were his parents whilst introducing him to every girl that caught his eye. Ryan summed rob up perfectly with his introduction “he’s a great guy and you’d be lucky to have him”

I had his back and he had mine. He literally carried me out of Thompson arms and put me in a taxi making sure I got home same. An act of true friendship.

I’ll never forget our one and only road trip to an away game. Rob literally didn’t stop for breath the whole way their telling us about his tribulations: who knew that ordering contact lenses could cause so much drama? This appeared to be so gripping that Charlie missed the turn off extending the journey further which gave rob more time to continue his monologue.

The last time I saw him was at touch training where we always had such fun. Rob picked me up and promptly dropped me on my head… how we laughed 😂

I will miss walking to the pitch with him. I was the perfect height for my arm to go round his waist and his arm around my shoulders.

He was his own person and really was one of a kind.

Some direct quotes that rob had said about the Spartans:

“Rugby and community is great it’s a place where all us queer gays can be ourselves and it’s been great honestly”

“This is a community to welcome everyone”

“Like honestly was a blast like all of you are amazing”

“The village Spartans experience and tbf felt safe that’s how it should be queer people supporting each other”

You were and always will be Man of the match vs Didsbury 11.09.2021.

I will miss you x